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J. Cena honors his clean drugs tests in a humorous but honorable way


Here is a man who needs no introduction, even if you aren’t a fan of pro wrestling. Since his debut over a decade ago, WWE Superstar John Cena has pretty much become a household name (joining the ranks of icons like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Dave Bautista, and Hulk Hogan). After branching out from the wrestling ring, Cena has also dabbled in acting and has even lent his voice to cartoon characters (Ferdinand and Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles). Still, beneath all the stardom and beyond that ridiculously catchy intro theme, the self-proclaimed “Doctor of Thuganomics” has a heart of gold big enough to fit the entire United States two times over. He holds records for the Make a Wish Foundation and has even proudly displayed his clean bill of health all over a gym wall. Let’s take a closer look at how John Cena honors his drug tests in a humorous but honorable way.

You Can’t See Drugs!

While he plays a street thug character in the ring, John Cena is actually a disciplined man with a borderline militaristic view on health and fitness. A major fitness enthusiast, he continuously shows respect for his impressive 6’ 1” frame by lifting weights we couldn’t’ even dare to lift in our dreams. Many times, he has proudly proclaimed he has never touched steroids (a refreshing reveal for a WWE superstar). However, he does have funny but impressive way of showing off his health.

In a Rolling Stone interview, Cena is so much in love with his healthy lifestyle that he hangs the results of his drug tests on the wall of his Florida gym. In other words, he puts his negative on the wall like WWE championship belts.

Focusing on Children and Health

We have to admit that Cena’s big announcement is very impressive, considering he works in a business (and an industry, for that matter) that is exceptionally proud of sorting out giant men. However, the drug Cena gets high off is his love for helping others. During his 14-year run, he has let children with disabilities attend sessions at his “Hard Knock Gym” and stands out as a classy icon in a business that is notorious for steroid use.

Seeking Treatment for Drug Addiction or Alcoholism    

Whether you are an addict or not, you have most likely witnessed society’s insensitivity toward drug addicts and alcoholics and may have even let some of these thoughts pass through your mind. We have been programmed to think negatively about these poor men and women for so long that showing cruelty to them can sometimes be second nature. While bad behavior should never be condoned, we have to remember that some of these people are willing to change. However, you must keep in mind that anyone can change at any time, as long as they consciously make an effort.

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