Journal therapy, also known as therapeutic writing or expressive writing, uses journal exercises and writing prompts to help patients get more in tune with their feelings and discover solutions to promote their well-being. The use of writing as a therapeutic tool has been recognized for decades, but journal therapy was formally developed as a treatment option by Dr. Ira Progoff in the 1960s.

Journal therapy is not the same as merely keeping a diary. Rather than cataloging events as they happen, journalism therapy prods clients to reflect upon the feelings those events may cause. The goal is for patients to use the writing process to explore, examine, expose, and better understand their psyche.

Journal therapy is considered a particularly effective means of working through trauma. It is also a useful way for a patient to share secrets that may be weighing on them, without risking another’s confidences. Journal therapy has been used in and recommended for the treatment of substance addiction.

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