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In a recent interview on the British television show Loose Women, actress and fashion icon Kelly Osbourne talked about the grim realities of drug addiction and recovery in the wake of her friend Demi Lovato’s near-fatal overdose in 2018. In an interesting twist, though, not everything Osbourne had to say focused on the positive aspects of the rehabilitation process. Instead, during part of the discussion, she discussed the overwhelming fear of relapse faced by recovering addicts and (most importantly) emphasized an all-too-true aspect of reality: addicts never truly heal. After all, drug addiction is a chronic illness that will never go away, but, with the right resources, people can easily suppress it. Let’s take a more detailed look at what Kelly Osbourne had to say about the brutal realities of this sickness.

A Frightening Coincidence

In the wake of Demi Lovato’s reported drug overdose, Kelly Osbourne has described her friend’s incident as a frightening coincidence. Overall, Osbourne mentions how difficult life can be when the entire world watches your every move and is ready to pounce when you make a mistake (including, worst of all, drug addiction). As she additionally explains, people must fully understand that no form of rehabilitation is ever going to truly fix a patient. As Osbourne puts it, this sickness is like an itch that can never be scratched, and people can spend their entire lives trying to keep the door to their personal jails closed.

No Embarrassment, No Control

In a 2009 interview with People, Osbourne explains that she first experimented with drugs at the tender age of 13, when (after a tonsillectomy) she drank some liquid Vicodin. Afterwards, she entered a downward, 6-year spiral of treatment plans that included 4 rehabilitation sessions, 6 detoxification programs, and 1 visit to a mental institution.

So, how did she clean up her act? Osbourne simply states that she chose to change. As she explains, she had to choose whether to die or live to fight another day. Reality hit her in the face like a frying pan, and she was ready to pick up the pieces.

Seeking Treatment for Drug Abuse or Addiction  

Drug addiction is a serious mental illness that can and will destroy the mind and body. On the same note, addiction will not only drive a massive wedge into your social life but also potentially destroy your private family life, especially if you are already dealing with an underlying behavioral problem or relationship issues as it is. If anything, though, cases involving celebrities and their fight with addiction can serve as a valuable lesson about staying away from drugs or getting the help that’s necessary.

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