Fans of the classic soap operas and chick flicks will definitely recognize the name Kristin Davis. Initially portraying the malevolent and hateful Brooke Armstrong on Melrose Place (1995-1996), the actress later gained fame for her role as Charlotte York Goldenblatt on the iconic TV series Sex and the City. After receiving an Emmy Award for her portrayal as the character, Davis later reprised her role as Charlotte in the films Sex and the City (2008) and Sex and the City 2 (2010). Starting in 2012, the actress made her debut on Broadway through Best Man (2012 revival) and her debut on West End via Fatal Attraction (2014). However, at one point during her career, Davis suffered from much more than pre-filming anxiety. Let’s take a closer look at what she has to say about her battle with alcoholism.

Beating the Sickness

In a recent interview on Origins With James Andrew Miller, Kristin Davis explains how her career helped her stay on track and battle her alcoholism. As she explains, she doesn’t believe she would be alive if she hadn’t been doing what she loved for all these years. Davis expresses how acting is her passion and her central point in life, and she believes it served as a major crutch of support and helped her find an alternative to a bottle of booze.

Making a Choice

As she was growing up in Southern California, Davis began to drink alcohol to cope with her problems, but, once she attended acting classes and suffered a five-alarm hangover, she realized she had to decide between addiction or her passion for acting. Sometimes, she explains that she would miss drinking, especially when she was with her friends, and would often think about how tasty red wine can be. However, she explains that alcohol is not worth that risk.

Seeking Treatment for Alcohol Abuse or Alcoholism

Alcohol abuse and alcoholism are dangerous mental illnesses that not only wreak havoc on a victim’s private life but can also drive a wedge into a perfect reputation. Even more frightening, you will not know if you are an addict unless you take one shot of alcohol. Like any mechanical breakdown, though, you can easily patch yourself up and continue the trek uphill to freedom. However, with the right mixture of perseverance and determination, you can easily get back on track and be happy once more.

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