When it comes to some famous faces in Hollywood, Lady Gaga might possibly be one of the most bizarre and one of the most memorable. From her unforgettable red-carpet costumes (including a dress made from raw meat) to her long lineup of hit songs that never stop burrowing into your ears, the iconic singer has definitely left her mark on the music and film industry. Nowadays, Gaga (born Stefani Germanotta) is also considered one of the most influential celebrities of all time and has also taken part in charity work through her Born This Way Foundation (named after the song of the same name “Born This Way”), which aims to prevent bullying. However, beneath the glam and kaleidoscopic music, Lady Gaga has also fought a horde of monsters in the form of substance abuse. Let’s take a closer look at her perspective on her struggle with drugs.

Living on Another Plane of Thought

LADY GAGA DISCUSSES HER STRUGGLE WITH DRUG USEAccording to Lady Gaga, for a time, she had been living on another plane of thought, entirely. Following her hip injury in 2012 and subsequent surgery (resulting from an incident during her Born This Way tour), the singer consumed large doses of medication to cope with her pain. At the same time, Gaga admits to smoking an estimated 15 to 20 joints (marijuana cigarettes) each day to ease the tension of everyday life. Although she had convinced herself she was self-medicating her hip pain, at one point, she had lost track of why she was taking these drugs to begin with. Life seemed to blur.

Living under the Guise of Fame

Back in 2012, Gaga announced that she was working hard to reach a peaceful place in her mind, where she didn’t need drugs to fuel her creative process. Overall, she admitted that she needs to be high to produce her work, an issue that has followed her for about 10 years. As to whether she can continue her incredible career without painkillers or pot, Gaga feels confident that she had to fight hard to continue making music without dangerous substances.

Seeking Treatment for Drug Addiction or Alcoholism

Hearing celebrities’ stories about overcoming substance abuse and addiction can sometimes provide a ray of hope for many people suffering from similar problems. After all, drugs are some of the worst poisons on the planet (even the ones that are prescribed for good purposes). In the blink of an eye, these deadly substances can drive a wedge into your persona life. Perhaps, through the words of some famous people, you can become inspired to get your life back on track, as well.

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