Over the past couple of years, we have seen several major changes in the global pot debate, with several countries turning to the side of the little green plant. Recently, Australia has allowed patients to receive medical marijuana for treatment of debilitating illnesses, and Canada has completely permitted recreational use for the drug. Likewise, given a recent media scandal, the United Kingdom is about to reconsider its policy on medical cannabis, and more U.S. States have considered full legalization. However, one country we do not talk about (at least concerning the subject of marijuana) is Mexico. In a recent news report, lawyers are working hard to bring this issue to superior court, and they may be close to succeeding. Let’s take a closer look at this situation.

Three Down, Two to Go

LAWYERS ARE WINNING THE FIGHT FOR LEGALIZING POT IN MEXICO Under the leadership of a president who actively supports legal marijuana, Mexico appears to be one step closer to reforming drug policies, and the efforts of a few hardworking lawyers could potentially get the ball rolling in the right direction.

At this time, the Mexican Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation adheres to a rigorous set of rules which dictates that members of the court need to issue five separate rulings before any laws can be changed. Today, October 18, 2018, these leaders have listened to multiple cases revolving around the national marijuana ban, but all four chambers (which constitute the court) must come to the same agreement on each case to enact a change. Presently, three out of five are directed in favor of cannabis.

Lawyers Unite

Overall, the three unanimous decisions by the court mostly resulted from the tireless efforts of a group of lawyers who support cannabis legalization. As part of their efforts, Andrés Aguinaco Gómez, Paula Méndez and Moy Schwartzman have teamed up with officials at Mexico United Against Crime (a nonprofit group). Besides fighting against steadfast regulations, these attorneys have also faced the stigma against people who consume the drug. In other words, Gómez, Méndez, and Schwartzman had to choose their words and cases carefully to reach their goals.

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