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BRENDA is the acronym used to describe a psychosocial approach to addiction treatment that was specifically designed to be used by a wide variety of healthcare providers, including primary care physicians, in conjunction with a pharmacotherapy regimen. The six components of BRENDA are:

B: Biopsychosocial evaluation

R: Report the findings from the evaluation to the patient

E: Empathy

N: Needs of the patient are identified with input from both the patient and the provider

D: Direct advice given to the patient

A: Assessing the patient’s reaction to and adjusting treatment when and if needed

The success of pharmacotherapy is often dependent on the patient’s compliance with the medication regimen and the context in which the medication is prescribed. BRENDA was, essentially, developed as a way to increase the effectiveness of pharmacotherapy by providing a six-step program that can easily be administered by most certified medical practitioners.

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