When you consider the facts, the State of California has come a long way since it first entered the pro-cannabis race. Officially the first state to legalize medical marijuana, our beautiful Golden State has become a capital for recreational use and now serves as a major seat for the budding cannabis industry (particularly through pot-infused cosmetics and edibles). Likewise, notable California residents like Francis Ford Coppola are also making their mark through the production of marijuana products. As you can clearly see, much has happened in a single year since recreational weed was permitted on the golden shores of Cali. So, on the heels of the 2018 Election, let’s take a look back at how much has transpired since California fully legalized the little green plant.

Consumer-Centric Marketing

LOOKING AT CALIFORNIA ONE YEAR AFTER IT LEGALIZED RECREATIONAL MARIJUANAAs of January 2018, California is the seat of a $2.7 billion cannabis market, and, according to researchers, this number is expected to climb by 2020. Why is this so? Simply put, more newcomers are entering the market in an attempt to make mountains of cash. In fact, in the first six months of legalization, California cannabis licenses increased from 1,272 to 6,421. Another contributing factor is the drastic change in perspectives about the plant. At one point in history, views about marijuana were overwhelmingly negative, with only 31% of Americans showing support for the little green plant. Needless to say, businesses have been keeping their collective eye on this changing perspective and are taking advantage of newfound love for the herb.

One perfect example is Apothecarium,  a San Francisco-based dispensary that is welcoming newcomers to the marijuana industry in positive, uplifting ways. According to Chief Marketing Officer Elliot Dobris, the goal is to break through stereotypical pothead behavior and introduce the medical and behavioral benefits of this plant, which is admirable.

Problems in the Black Market

Despite positive marketing endeavors in the state, California still suffers from an incredibly large marijuana black market, which is so strong that lawmakers have been forced to take drastic measures to counteract it. Recently, Governor Jerry Brown sent $14 million to seek out and identify illegal dealings of marijuana via large-scale tax and financial investigations. Based on a report from Vice, Brown’s endeavor will target stores planted as a front for illegal, backdoor dealings.

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