At the height of his career in Hollywood, actor River Phoenix quickly gained popularity as a teen idol and a promising leading man. From his roots in Explorers and the critically-acclaimed Stand by Me (written by horror legend Stephen Kind), he eventually worked into more serious roles in Running on Empty (which would earn him an Academy Award nod) and My Own Private Idaho (in which he plays a hustler looking for his mother). Besides his work in acting, Phoenix also dabbled in music, but fans tragically remember this iconic performer for one big reason: his tragic drug overdose and subsequent death. Let’s take a closer look at the history of River Phoenix’s addiction.

A Quick Spiral

After plowing through the film My Own Private Idaho, Phoenix decided to take up a smaller project called Sneakers (where he would befriend SNL alum Dan Aykroyd), but, during this time, life began to spiral out of control for the actor. Over the course of the shoot, Phoenix started participating in Aleka’s Attic (formed with sister Rain) and eventually quit after a record company dismissed the demo. While staying at the home of bassist Flea, Phoenix had the freedom to use a variety of drugs, notably heroin. In the blink of an eye, life took a dark turn.

No Longer Recognizable

LOOKING BACK AT THE TRAGIC HISTORY OF RIVER PHOENIX’S ADDICTIONSometime later, Jim Dobson (publicist for Jimmy Reardon) had the opportunity to see River after a period of ten years and was absolutely appalled by the changes in the young actor. As Dobson explained, Phoenix was a completely different human being, having changed from a clean young kid into a dirty, unclean drug addict. Finally, while partying with his girlfriend Samantha Mathis, Phoenix suffered an overdose of cocaine and heroin and died before emergency officials arrived at the scene.

Seeking Treatment for Drug Abuse or Addiction

Drug abuse and addiction can easily send a person down a dangerous spiral of sickness, euphoria, and ultimate death. The long lineup of people who have succumbed to dangerous substances like cocaine and painkillers is tragically long, but you can easily prevent your name from being added to that list. Take the initiative to find help, and you will be able to overcome your drug problems and return to living a happy, healthy life once more.

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