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Looking Back at the Wild Ride of Michael Phelps | Alcohol and Drugs

Sometimes the wild ride of alcohol and drugs can bring a person to a new low in life. They contemplate why they are breathing in the first place (in a tragic twist). Just ask Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps, whose dangerous adventures with boozing and drugs nearly ruined his future for good. Recently, during a speech at the Kennedy Forum (a group that promotes behavioral health), the renowned swimmer explained that people (like him) who suffer from depression do consider committing suicide at some points. Needless to say, the 28-time Olympic champion is back on his feet. However, the uphill hike wasn’t very easy. Let’s take a look back at the wild ride of Michael Phelps’ battle with drug and alcohol use.

Turning to Self-Medication

Phelps explained that a mixture of hard work and determination is required to become a champion. His ride was definitely rocky. According to the Baltimore native, he was ecstatic the moment he learned he was Olympic-level material. However, his confidence quickly took a downward spiral after he lost by half a second in Sydney, Australia (2000). He points out that his overwhelming desire to bring home medals got the better of him.

In 2004, as Michael Phelps explains, he officially sank into depression and started to self-medicate with drugs in an attempt to cope. That same year, the swimmer was charged with a DUI. Phelps describes his effort to use drugs as a means to mask his sadness and his disappointment.

Facing the Terrors of Reality

In the same interview, Phelps described his first treatment session as nerve-wracking. He revealed that he was more terrified of what was to come rather than what he currently fought. One morning (at 6:00 AM), a nurse awakened him and asked him how he felt. He responded by saying he was angry and not a morning person. Once he started talking more about his problems, Phelps explains that he started to regain a stronghold in reality. After a while, he learned that it is okay to have problems (big and small). But you have to learn how to manage each one.

Seeking Treatment for Drug Addiction or Alcoholism    

Throughout the decades, many famous people have suffered from severe (and particularly dangerous) cases of drug addiction or alcoholism, sometimes leading to particularly embarrassing or life-threatening situations that have been plastered across social media. Anyone at any time can fall victim to this terrible mental illness. Quite frankly, all it takes to fall into that mud pool is one drink or one sniff. However, with the right mixture of perseverance and determination, you can easily overcome this sickness and get your life back on track.

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