Needless to say, the marijuana industry has started to take drastically different turns and is virtually unrecognizable from the underground network that existed before legalization. As scientists and growers learn more about the little green plant, individuals and groups have started to have fun with the herb and grow unique strains that have unique fragrances, flavors, and (of course) cannabinoid ratios. As a result, some cultivators and growers have developed some marijuana that can take a human brain to a whole new level of “high.” Nowadays, it is not uncommon to find cannabis plants with a whopping 20% or 30% THC level (which could be potentially toxic for children, if accidentally ingested). So what are these risky new strains? Let’s take a closer look at a few now.

Chem Berry D

With a THC level ranging from 25% to 32%, this marijuana strain easily takes the pot-infused cake as the strongest plant currently on the legal market. In fact, cannabis aficionados have described the “high” produced by Chem Berry D as “cerebral” and strong enough to sedate a grown man. As its name suggests, Chem Berry has a strong terpene combo that includes strong chemical aromas and vibrant berry perfumes. However, what makes this strain particularly popular among growers is that it is easy to raise and cultivate and produces flowers for long periods of time.

Bruce Banner BX 2.0

Let’s just say there is a good reason this strain is named after the alter-ego of the not-so-jolly green giant, the Incredible Hulk. Overall, Bruce Banner BX 2.0 is a powerful marijuana plant that always contains a THC level of 30% maximum, and has even won the High Times title of being one of the strongest marijuana plants on the planet. A fusion of Strawberry Diesel and Bruce Banner #3, 2.0 grows particularly fast (like the Hulk) and produces a bountiful harvest of flowers.


MARIJUANA STRAINS WITH THE HIGHEST CONCENTRATIONS OF THCOnce again, another strong marijuana strain shares the nickname of the green giant from Marvel Comics. Hardy and strong, this plant (as its name suggests) produces sturdy flowers with potent berry flavors and fragrances. With a THC range of 25%, Hulkberry is a particularly potent strain, producing a high that cannabis aficionados have described as euphoric.

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