For a moment, imagine that you sat down in a hip but seemingly ordinary restaurant to meet some of your friends. After catching up on the week, you get the menu and try to decide what to get. Once the food has been ordered and (after a long wait) brought to you, you prepare to dig into your meal only to stare in shock at your friend’s plate. On his platter sits a hamburger with a white line drawn across its bun and a rolled-up $100 bill sticking out of the bread. Obviously, you would have some questions. For example, “Waiter, why did my friend order a burger with cocaine on it?” You would not be alone, as many customers have been debating about the morality of the innocently named “patron burger” at Pablo’s Escoburgers. Let’s take a closer look and find out some more about this controversial food item.

“Lining up” to Try a Coke Burger

Based in Australia, Pablo’s Escoburgers already took some liberties with its rather unusual name (inspired by infamous drug lord Pablo Escobar). Besides the obviously controversial name, one particular item on the menu has sparked a mixture of humorous appraisal and complete disgust. As stated earlier, the infamous “patron burger” features a white line of fake cocaine and a rolled up $100, which definitely rose a few brows. Add to that the caption “People are lining up for a taste,” and you can see why some customers are getting peeved.

Love-Hate Relationship

MEET THE COCAINE-INSPIRED HAMBURGER AT AN EDGY RESTAURANTAs with any form of comedy, you have lovers and haters, but the polarized responses to this food item are extremely unusual. On one side of the argument, people are referring to the food as tasteless and unapologetically cruel, with some reviewers complaining how this burger completely glamorizes the use of dangerous drugs. On the other hand, some people absolutely loved the concept and regarded the complainers as wimps. Meanwhile, Escoburgers co-owner Vaughn Marks informed the public that the name was not designed to be hurtful and that many Columbians who visit the restaurant find the name and reference very funny.

Seeking Treatment for Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine is a perfect example of a drug that can push the mind over the edge in such a dangerous way, given the potency of this substance. After a few tastes or snorts, this drug has you by the hair and will not let go until you get the proper treatment. Although your situation might seem dire, you can always find a way to get the treatment you deserve. The time to take back control of your life is now.

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