Whether you are an athlete, a doctor, or a regular civilian, each and every one of us wants to win the harsh rat race and thrill-seeking adventure called “life.” However, while some of us might resort to lifestyle changes like physical fitness or meditation, some people might push themselves to such a dangerous limit that they die at a premature age. Ultimately, this tragic story is an all-too-real aspect of our real world. As part of a recent study, scientists have discovered that men who consume or inject anabolic steroids are putting themselves at risk of dying at an unnaturally early age. Overall, when you try to push your body beyond its limit, you will have to reap drastic consequences, at times. Let’s take a closer look at the tragic reality of men and anabolic steroids.

A Deadly Portion of PEDs

Based on a recent study published in the Journal of Internal Medicine, men who consume large quantities of anabolic steroids (like testosterone) are putting themselves at a higher risk of being hospitalized more frequently or suffering premature deaths. During the test, scientists analyzed 545 men (users of anabolic steroids) who were paired with 5,450 controls. Likewise, the team also assessed 644 male subjects who refused to undergo doping tests and were sanctioned (this group was granted 6,440 controls). Over the course of 7.4 years, 1.3% (7) of the test subjects in the experimental group died prematurely, while 0.4% (23) of the control group died. Among the anabolic users, 0.81 median victims were admitted to a hospital, while 0.36 of the control group were hospitalized.

A Prevalence of Disorders

MEN WHO USE ANABOLIC STEROIDS MAY DIE AT AN EARLY AGEInterestingly, the research team also discovered that the users suffered from a variety of disorders as a result of taking the PEDs. Overall, 10% of the anabolic users contracted acne, gynecomastia (growth of breast tissue in men), and erectile dysfunction (particularly among the anabolic users). Ultimately, the control group experience higher rates of these illnesses.

According to Dr. Henrik Horwitz (a member of the University of Copenhagen in København, Denmark), this study provides proof that anabolic steroids are directly responsible for the onset of a variety of painful, debilitating illnesses and deformities.

Seeking Treatment for Performance Enhancing Drug Abuse or Addiction

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