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Meth Storm Exposes the Addiction Crisis in Arkansas

Meth Storm Exposes the Addiction Crisis in Arkansas

To say that crystal meth is a thorn in the United States’ side is a bit of an understatement, considering how much damage this drug has inflicted over the past decades. What started as a “super soldier” chemical for German battlefields in World War II has quickly escalated into a deadly stimulant that destroys lives through addiction and explosions alike. Nowadays, however, this nasty drug has been wreaking havoc in metropolitan and backwoods communities across the United States, as seen in one film released in 2017. Let’s take a closer look at how Meth Storm exposes the addiction crisis in Arkansas.

Trouble in the Deep South

In many ways, the Deep South has been a perfect hideout for meth cooks. With sprawling backwoods swamps, thick tangles of plants, and ramshackle buildings, this eerie little piece of America is a great place to stash an underground meth lab. In many ways, though, Meth Storm doesn’t just shed light on the meth scourge of Arkansas but also showcases the poverty-stricken communities in this state. Nowadays, officials have been documenting 40 to 50-pound shipments of this stimulant, a major leap from single-pound shipments a few years ago.

Can’t Shake the Drug

In an interview with 90.9 WBUR-FM, Craig Renaud, one of the filmmakers who produced this documentary, explains how this film doesn’t shy away from a dangerous part of crystal meth addiction: the inability to stop using. In one example, he and Brent Renaud, his partner on the project, witnessed one local get released from prison at least three times and, even after completing 90-day treatment programs, would be determined to quit using, only to sink back into crystal meth’s grip. In many cases, the Renauds documented entire families who were addicted to this drug, showing the true tragedy in Arkansas.

Seeking Treatment for Meth Addiction

Crystal meth might easily be one of the most dangerous and highly addictive drugs in the world, and, obviously, a substance of this potency should never be used as the theme for a party. Drug abuse and addiction, in the same manner as any chronic illness, should never be treated lightly. However, we are happy to tell you that health and happiness are always on the horizon, if you just know where to look for the stories.

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