For a moment, imagine the difficulties of being a member of the modeling industry. Besides an influx of reporters and photographers wanting to snap your picture at every given second, you have to attend a multitude of photo shoots, deal with angry designers, and wake up in the wee hours of the morning to prepare for another exhausting round of working out. Needless to say, people will start to tire out after a while, and maybe that’s why alcohol and drug problems run rampant amongst young people who start modeling too early. Just ask actress and model Amber Valletta, whose career took a sharp turn after she started using drugs and drinking. Let’s read more about her story and see how she bravely overcame this dark period of her life.

The Disease of Addiction

MODEL AMBER VALLETTA DISCUSSES HER STRUGGLE WITH ADDICTIONIn an interview posted on MindBodyGreen.com, Amber Valletta refers to addiction as a legitimate disease. To support her notion, she discusses how she was eager to start using addictive substances since she was (shockingly) 8 years old as a need to alleviate her insecurities. During that time, she would inhale the fumes from glue, markers, fingernail polish, and any other inhalants that could trigger a buzz. By the time she reached the height of her career as a model, a then-22-year-old Valletta has already become a hardcore alcohol and cocaine addict.

An Industry of Sickness

Ultimately, Valletta believes the modeling industry itself contributed to her sickness even more, although she does not deny that she was responsible for giving into her inhibitions. At 25, the model sought out help out of desperation, stemming from a fear of losing her life. She wanted to take the initiative to admit she had a problem and get better (as step 1). After 15 years, the beautiful model is still sober, and she sincerely hopes that others will use her story as a means of inspiration to heal.

Seeking Treatment for Drug Addiction or Alcoholism  

For individuals suffering from drug addiction and alcoholism, the path to healing can sometimes feel like a distant flicker of light in the darkness. Sometimes, you may feel like you are sinking into the muck and are unable to reach your prize. However, you must stay strong and be patient. With the right resources and a little bit of love for yourself, you can easily overcome your sickness and become healthy once more.

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