Simply put, the modeling industry is not a steady environment, especially for the young men and women who are put front and center. Spending endless hours in front of a camera and traveling all over the world can result in sleepless nights and hectic mornings, resulting in a mixture of emotions in the afternoon. Needless to say, models suffer from chronic exhaustion. Now, you might see why they often resort to drugs to keep them from falling asleep or falling behind schedule. Just ask model Ruby Tuesday Matthews, who resorted to less than conventional (and safe) measures to keep her beautiful figure and stay petite. Let’s take a closer look at what she had to say about her diet of coffee, cigarettes, and cocaine.

A Big Shock to Fans

Obviously, the 193,000 Instagram followers of this lovely model were shocked when she opened up about her indulgence. During a question-and-answer session, a fan asked how she kept her slender, almost unnaturally toned 120-pound frame. In response, Matthews explained how she combined tapas with cocaine. Furthermore, the model added how she indulged in coffee and cigarettes to keep up the pace, as well.

In response to the shock, Matthews admitted how dependency and addiction can be extremely difficult to diagnose, as these problems are very easy to conceal. From anxiety to depression, every mental illness can be hidden from the public.

Lashing out at the Industry

MODEL RUBY TUESDAY MATTHEWS TALKS ABOUT DIET OF COFFEE, CIGARETTES, AND COCAINEFurthermore, Matthews opened up about the aptly named “influencer industry.” Ultimately, she explained that she was not the only member who follows the coffee-coke-cigarette diet and explained that is the only way skinny figures can be maintained easily.

So, how did Matthews easily give up her cocaine problem? After a wild party with a friend, she suffered a severe hangover (due to the fact she had given up cocaine three days earlier) and later found out she was pregnant. Now, Matthews weighs 143-pounds and could care less about body problems. She hopes her story will influence other people to take control of their lives before it’s too late.

Seeking Treatment for Cocaine Addiction

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