While we are all familiar with the dangers of alcohol-impaired driving, we don’t always focus on another dangerous incident that can happen on the roadways: drugged driving. Years of research has proven time and time again that drugs will severely impair motor skills and judgement, two aspects that are critical to operating a vehicle. One the major dangers of drugged driving is the fact that officers cannot always determine how drugs affect drivers, given that these people will mix toxic substances together before getting behind the wheel. So, what are the most common drugs associated with impaired driving incidences? Let’s take a closer look and find out some more information.

Who Is Driving While Drugged?

Based on the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, in 2016, an estimated 20.7 million people (16 years and older) had operated a vehicle while they were under the influence of alcohol, while an additional 11.8 million people had consumed drugs prior to driving. In accordance with these statistics, the Survey also discovered that men drive under the influence more often than their female counterparts, while young adults (ages 18 to 25) will consume drugs more frequently than adults (26 and older).

Most Common Drugs

MOST COMMON DRUGS ASSOCIATED WITH IMPAIRED DRIVINGIn the sea of legal and illegal drugs swirling through our country, a few drugs have become the most popular substances for use prior to driving. Here is a closer look:

  • Marijuana: Police officers and law enforcement agents have found marijuana in the blood of drivers more often than any other substance. Although the true effects of pot on drivers is not fully clear, research has indicated that people prefer to mix this herb with other drugs. Aside from alcohol, marijuana is the most common drug in DUIs.
  • Prescription drugs: A study conducted in 2010 confirms that 47% of impaired drivers had consumed prescription drugs (in contrast to 37% who used marijuana).

Seeking Treatment for Drug Abuse or Addiction

Drugged driving is an unfortunately common aspect of reality, one that can easily destroy or ruin lives forever. If you are ever in the presence of someone who is high and you see them preparing to drive, the best action you can take is to stop them in their tracks, before they hurt anyone (or themselves). For anyone suffering from this severe illness, though, help is always around the corner (if you know where to look). Take the first steps to making your life better today.

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