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Sure, many of us remember the good old days of television, the times when characters lit up cigars, cigarettes, and pipes right and left. After all, during the early 1900s, smoking was not a taboo subject and was, strangely enough, an integral part of American culture. In fact, cigarettes were offered like breath mints during pre-dinner conversations. Now that smoking has rightfully been cast into the muck, though, have you started to notice that some forms of entertainment tend to showcase cigarettes at a ridiculous level for comedic or dramatic purpose? Let’s take a closer look at some TV shows with way too many cigarettes.

Mad Men (2007-2015)

If you have ever seen this show, then you definitely understand why smoking is such an integral part of the story. Set in the 1960s, Mad Men takes us back to the time when cigarettes were culturally sound, and clouds of smoke filled parlors across the country. Even the show’s logo depicts a silhouette of main character Don Draper (played by John Hamm) casually taking a drag. If anything, Mad Men makes us wonder why lung cancer wasn’t an epidemic after these years.

Miami Vice (1984-1990)

Before he was detective Nash Bridges, actor Don Johnson gained legendary status as Sonny Crockett, the main character of the hit series Miami Vice. Over the course of the first and second seasons, this ladies’ man was shown smoking a cigarette whenever his hands weren’t busy, something which, shockingly enough, led to controversy among viewers. Fans called for Johnson’s character to stop smoking for good, which may have led to the season four episode “Death and the Lady,” in which Sonny reveals that he has quit altogether.

Seeking Treatment for Cigarette Use    

Remember that addiction can be triggered by one shot of alcohol or a single puff of a cigarette, but the true danger of this sickness is that you cannot fully determine how much you have to consume before your mind forms an attachment. Social smoking is just as dangerous as chronic smoking, on many levels, but you do not have to smoke to have a good time. Remember, drugs cannot determine if you have fun and do not have control over your life.

If you are suffering from a severe case of drug abuse or addiction, or have a friend or loved one who is coping with this illness, get in touch with Asana Recovery today. Our professional team of counselors and healthcare experts will help you endure the painful process of alcohol withdrawal and detox and guide you along the rocky road of rehabilitation. Soon enough, you will experience a faster and much more efficient recovery.

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