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After so long, the public can only take so much of a drug epidemic, but, when these deadly substances have started to pose a threat to infants, the frustration can escalate to new levels. Based on a recent report from ABC News, lawmakers in Tennessee have called for a bill that will target neonatal abstinence syndrome. Simply put, underneath this new law (if passed), new mothers would potentially face assault charges if doctors discover their babies are dependent on drugs like opioids. Let’s take a closer look at this unique approach and find out more information.

Crimes against a Child

Is using drugs while pregnant a form of child endangerment? While we cannot give a clear answer to this question (for ethical and moral purposes), we can tell you that a group of lawmakers in Tennessee have fully supported hit notion. Based on a report from WZTV (Fox 29 News), Representative Terri Lynn Weaver and Senator Janice Bowling have introduced a bill that would tackle the matter of drug addiction and neonatal abstinence syndrome. Under the new guidelines, mothers would be charged with assault if doctors determined their newborns were dependent on drugs or if the mothers used drugs while pregnant.

One Exception to the Rule

Nevertheless, the bill does offer one exception. Pregnant mothers who willingly enroll in rehabilitation programs prior to giving birth will not be charged with assault. If the remain in the program until the child is born, the mothers will still not face charges, even if the baby is born with neonatal abstinence syndrome.

Seeking Treatment for Drug Addiction or Alcoholism    

Sometimes, logic can only surface after a rigorous intervention from a legal or personal standpoint. Whether a police officer or a loved one provides you with a wakeup call, you must understand that you are not alone in the fight against addiction. Millions of people around the world are struggling with this terrible mental illness, but we can happily tell you that many of them have found reprieve. With the right amount of patience and perseverance, you can easily overcome your problems and become healthy once more.

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