In the great marijuana debate that is sweeping through our country, some people are opposed (rightfully so) to the psychoactive properties of this narcotic, while another large majority believes the drug could have medicinal benefits for patients. Overall, the proof is in the statistics. Recent studies have revealed that the plant exhibits anti-tumor properties (beneficial for cancer treatment), and the U.S. government has also approved Epidiolex for prescription use (being treated like a non-addictive substance). So, does marijuana hold any value for sick people? According to filmmakers and researchers in the new documentary Weed the People, the answer is “yes.” Let’s take a closer look at how this new film sheds light on the effects of medical marijuana on severely ill juvenile patients.

Changing Perspectives

Now showing in limited theaters across the United States, Weed the People follows the events in the lives of terminally ill children and their families as they struggle to find an effective medication. The only twist is that these people eventually turn to medical cannabis. Directed by Abby Epstein and executive produced by Ricki Lake, the documentary will attempt to shed light on an issue that (up until recent times) has been highly controversial: medical marijuana for children.

In an interview with CBS News, Lake challenged skeptical perspectives by stating that the drug is simply misunderstood. Overall, she believes an overwhelming “hypocrisy” surrounds our view of the plant, which (despite psychoactive properties) holds numerous benefits to young patients. Initially, Lake was inspired to develop Weed the People after meeting a 7-year old fan who consumed medical marijuana for ADD, anxiety, and chronic pain. Thus, the concept was born.

The Choice Is Yours

NEW DOCUMENTARY SHEDS LIGHT ON JUVENILE MARIJUANA PATIENTSUltimately, however, Lake does not want to indoctrinate the public but (instead) shed light on the valuable aspects of a controversial drug. For her, the concept is about unanimous choice and informed opinions. In the end, she hopes to spark further conversations about marijuana and to help the public accept the drug as a potential healing factor in the Opioid Crisis.

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