Every time we turn around, something bizarre has taken place in the drug debate, coursing through our country (and others, for that matter) like a hazy green wildfire. From pot edibles being thrown off Washington State shelves to recent reports about a decrease in heroin use, we can never tell if the news about drugs will get better or worse. Every time lawmakers take one step forwards, drug dealers and at-home growers pull them two giant steps backward. Recently, a news source reported that a dangerous network of advanced synthetics could victimize teenagers across the country. Let’s take a closer look at this phenomenon and see why these substances are particularly dangerous.

Super Synthetics

NEXT EVOLUTION OF SUPER SYNTHETICS VICTIMIZING TEENSWith street names like “the Hulk,” what other names could you image for the drug than “super synthetics”? Recently, agents from the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) released warnings about a string of synthetic drugs to parents. Also known as “potpourri,” these substances are potentially dangerous not because of the deadly chemicals they contain but because of the bright, fun, and colorful packaging that contains just the right amount of “zip” to attract teenagers. As pointed out earlier, Washington State lawmakers took a similar perspective on marijuana edibles, which they deemed too tantalizing for children and teens.

Breaking Bad…Not the TV Show

Meanwhile, an agent from the DEA described “Breaking Bad” as one of the most popular synthetics on the market. By using the name of a famous show, as the agent explained, drug dealers are hoping to attract the attention of media-savvy teens and drag them towards a lineup of dangerous synthetic cannabinoid drugs. Ultimately, the problem is false marketing.

What is the Danger?

Despite being advertised as “synthetic marijuana” or “synthetic cannabinoids,” these drugs do not share any relationship with marijuana except the same chemical signature (artificially attached via spraying). Falling into the category of psychoactive drugs, synthetic cannabinoids are completely unregulated and are 100% fake (on many levels). Materials include random vegetation sprayed with mind-altering chemicals. Furthermore, because these drugs are not regulated, users will unknowingly consume lethal toxins that can instigate near-fatal side effects.

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