Over the course of several decades, Australia has been waging its private battle against a horde of illegal drugs, and we in the United States can relate to their struggles on so many levels. As we attempt to flush out dangerous opioids from Midwestern towns and the southern reaches of our shores, police Down Under are attempting to destroy underground ice (crystal meth) operations across the outback and urban regions. However, did you ever wonder which drugs pose the biggest threat to Australians living in Canberra (the capital city) at this time? Which ones are wreaking the most havoc? Let’s take a closer look and find out.


OPIOIDS, COCAINE, AND CRYSTAL METH ARE THE MOST COMMON DRUGS IN CANBERRA, AUSTRALIATipping on the point of its private opioid crisis, Australia has recently experienced an increase in oxycodone consumption among residents of capital cities since 2017. However, reports indicate the use of this painkiller has been on the rise in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), more than any other territory in the country besides Tasmania (which is currently an oxycodone capital). In the six months prior to February 2018, Canberra experienced a 6-month spike in oxycodone use overall.


Here is a drug that the United States is definitely no stranger to. In about two-thirds of drug tests, the Australian Capital Territory recorded the highest rate of fentanyl use in the entire country. In fact, from the February 2018 report to the most recent in August 2018, the consumption of this deadly opioid was roughly 50% higher than before.


Since 2016, residents of Canberra have been listed as some of the most frequent consumers of cocaine in Australia, sharing the 2nd place spot with residents of Queensland. (Sydney was recently listed as a cocaine capital of the country). However, Australian reporters confirmed that the use of this stimulant in the ACT has dropped in 2018, but national use (in total) is still rising.

Ice (Crystal Meth)

Fortunately, the ACT has experienced one of the lowest rates of ice (crystal meth) consumption in the country, dropping far below the national average for Australia. However, reports have indicated that Canberrans use ice more than any other illegal drug. In the capital, though, youth workers have voiced concern over the rise of ice use among teens and young adults.

Seeking Treatment for Drug Abuse or Addiction

People from all around the world suffer from drug abuse and addiction every day, but, in a way, you can also find reprieve in the fact that hundreds of them are also finding ways to heal. Although the battle against illegal drugs continues to wage on in the United States, Australia, and other countries, you can join the thousands who rally together to find peace and to heal. With the right amount of determination and little bit of love for yourself, anything is possible.

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