Marijuana is quite a little puzzle, isn’t it? On one hand, this little green plant serves as a beneficial source of relief for cancer and AIDS patients, who suffer through terrible pain during treatment. On the other hand, the plant can potentially damage teen brains and has been labeled as “more toxic than alcohol.” Nevertheless, politicians and activists across the United States have accepted the herb and have legalized it for medical and (in some cases) recreational purposes. Perhaps one of the most notable locations on the Pacific Coast is Oregon, the bonafide cannabis capital of this region. After all, a majority of organic pot comes from this state, and its environment is ideal for growing this fragrant plant. So, in the wake of legalization, you might not be shocked to learn that the Beaver State might be close to exporting cannabis across state lines. Let’s take a closer look and find out more information.

I Propose a Cannabis Law

According to recent reports, state lawmakers are developing a proposal to start exporting cannabis across Oregon State lines, which is expected to take effect some time in 2012. According to Adam Smith (founder and executive director of Craft Cannabis Alliance) is hoping to put this bill before legislators to open up new doors for the Oregon market. Ultimately, Smith explained how national prohibition prevents people from taking advantage of these opportunities.

Based on current state law, current growers are not allowed to export marijuana across Oregon borders, and an overabundance of pot has ultimately hurt the market. As a result, small growers are suffering, and lawmakers are concerned that excess plants will emerge on the black market.

Support from Lawmakers

OREGON MIGHT BE ABLE TO SHIP MARIJUANA ACROSS STATE LINESBack in 2017, Senator Floyd Prozanski (Eugene, Oregon) introduced a similar bill that also would have permitted the exportation of marijuana across Oregon State lines. Despite the initial failure of this law, Senator Prozanski is planning to take extra measures to ensure this idea is brought to reality. Ultimately, private growers and local cultivators might suffer from the brunt of the surplus unless further action is taken.

Seeking Treatment for Marijuana Use Disorder

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