Overall, medical marijuana is a very controversial topic. Even states like California and Washington, which have completely legalized both uses of the drugs, have entered the debate with recent regulations concerning medical marijuana and edibles, respectively. One of the biggest questions is whether or not children should be allowed to take medical cannabis (for debilitating seizure disorders) into their schools, where other children are potentially victimized. Working adults especially face a problem if they take marijuana for medical purposes because (by law) their bosses could still have grounds to fire them. In a recent turn of events, it seems this law may be taking a different course. Let’s have a look.

The Issue at the Center

As posted in the recent issue of Time magazine, a federal judge has ruled in favor of a woman named Katelin Noffsinger, who faced challenges in the workplace as a result of her medical marijuana use. As she explained, Noffsinger had applied for a position at a nursing home, but the potential employer withdrew her application once Noffsinger had tested positive for cannabis in her system. Afterward, she had explained that she takes synthetic medical cannabis pills at night to ease the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Nevertheless, the employer refused to let her on board and revoked her application in 2016.

Breaking the Ice

PATIENTS USING MEDICAL MARIJUANA RECEIVE WORKERS’ RIGHTS IN THE COURTROOMAfter taking the issue to court on September 5, 2018, Noffsinger finally found assistance. During the hearing, Judge Jeffrey Myer ruled that Bride Brook, the location where she had applied to work, had broken state laws and had shown discrimination against Noffsinger. In the meantime, the cannabis community has exploded over the news of the workers’ rights for medical marijuana users in court.

Even more interesting, some companies are taking different approaches. Auto Nation, the largest car retailer in the United States, stopped issues cannabis tests for employees.

Still, begin a patient using medical marijuana is a very tight spot. After all, many people still consider this drug potentially dangerous and addictive.

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