Whether you have experimented with this drug or are simply familiar with drug culture, the chances are high (no pun intended) that you are familiar with the “acid trip.” A blatant reference to a high experienced by people who consume LSD, this psychedelic experience is often accompanied by a warped perception of reality (hallucinations) and bizarre extrasensory perceptions (such as synesthesia, a condition where you can hear color and see sound). Still, what specifically happens to people during an acid trip? What are some of the most common elements? Let’s take a closer look and peel back the layers of this bewildering mind-altering experience.

Seeing the Unseen

PEELING BACK THE LAYERS OF AN ACID TRIPOne of the trademarks of the LSD experience is a bizarre pattern of hallucinations. For example, some users describe how the outlines and borders of objects will distort (like a kaleidoscope or picture that requires 3D glasses), while other people have confirmed visions of unbelievably strange objects. In certain cases, inanimate objects may appear “alive” (such as walls “breathing”). As indicated earlier, users will also experience synesthesia, a phenomenon where the senses are jumbled (hearing smells, seeing sounds, or tasting color). In addition, people may also suffer from tactile or auditory hallucinations, where they can touch or hear things that do not exist.

Warped Thought Process

While enduring an acid trip, users will also experience changes in their moods and personalities, and this chemical change can delineate a good trip or a bad trip. Although no one expects to suffer from a frightening “bad trip,” sometimes they will unwillingly suffer through disturbing torment. As a result, they will start to lose confidence and develop paranoia. Researchers have described this moment as the breakdown of the ego, or the loss of a sense of self.

Seeking Treatment for Hallucinogen Abuse

LSD and other hallucinogens might seem harmless, but long-term use can wreak havoc on your brain and body. Escaping into a world of hallucinations and out-of-body experiences will not make your life better. However, even if you find yourself in a situation where these dangerous mind-altering drugs have taken over, you can always take back control. Even when things seem hopeless, you can find a way to heal.

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