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Poetry itself is a uniquely emotional, thought-provoking, and self-reflective medium of writing, so it is no surprise that recognition of its therapeutic benefits goes back centuries. In the 1700s, psychiatric patients at Pennsylvania Hospital were given reading and writing assignments as part of their therapy. Poetry therapy is even believed to have been used in for the treatment of depression in ancient Greece.

In poetry therapy, the therapists, who are typically trained in psychology, literature, and group dynamics, will curate and poetry reading and writing program to facilitate greater self-awareness, personal growth, and healing. This process of creating, writing, sharing, and listening, is intended to evoke an emotional response in patients. The ability of poetry to touch people on a deep emotional level makes it a promising therapy choice for people who have trouble expressing themselves in other forms of therapy.

Poetry therapy is, essentially, an expressive therapy that may be used for the treatment of substance addiction by helping patients explore their feelings and change their perceptions about their drug use.

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