Needless to say, if the political landscape was a growing field for marijuana, the little green plant would be suffering from a terrible drought. Although one half of our country supports the drug, another half is still actively prohibiting it. On one hand, we can definitely understand where the hatred for this drug stems from. After all, children and teens who smoke or eat marijuana can potentially suffer from poor IQ and logic later in life, while driving under the influence of pot is an extremely dangerous practice (not to mention completely illegal). However, in a recent meeting with the Senate in an confirmation hearing, possible future Attorney General William Barr has surprisingly stated that he will not attack marijuana companies. While he might not support legalization, he appears to be taking a neutral stance. Let’s take a closer look and find out some more information.

Too Many Questions

Ultimately, Barr was flooded with a barrage of questions ranging from investigations into the Mueller controversy to (as stated earlier) the control of marijuana laws. Senators Cory Booker (New Jersey), a longtime supporter of cannabis policy, asked Barr about the Cole Memorandum, a police guidance that was withdrawn by former Attorney General Jeff Sessions back in 2017. In his inquiry, Senator Booker touched upon the possibility of using federal funding to change the current laws set up for marijuana use in current pot-legal states.

In response, Barr explained that he has no plans to use federal power to attack marijuana companies and that it would not be appropriate to upset the balance of the Cole Memorandum.

Reform Is Needed

POSSIBLE FUTURE ATTORNEY GENERAL WILLIAM BARR DISCUSSES DRUGS IN AMERICALater during the meeting, Barr compared the crack epidemic to a “nuclear bomb” exploding on American soil and has labeled fentanyl (and its analogs) as the new crack. Likewise, he explained how a large portion of these deadly drugs are flooding through our borders, specifically the liaisons between China and the Mexican-American boundary. Simply put, he plans to improve the criminal justice system to fight threats outside the country, where many dangerous opioids come from.

Seeking Treatment for Drug Abuse and Addiction

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