Given the fact that the little green plant has been farmed for over 8,000 years, you may begin to wonder why the non-psychoactive hemp plant (a variety of marijuana called Cannabis sativa L) has not been permitted during modern times. After all, some products including robe, paper, and fabric are constructed using hemp, amongst other products. So why, after all these years, is the hemp revolution just now starting to re-emerge? For starters, back in 1937, lawmakers instigated the Marijuana Tax Act which rigorously regulated the farming, cultivation, and sale of the little green plant. However, the Controlled Substances Act of 1970 set the stake deeper by outlawing marijuana (classified as a Schedule-I drug), which (unfortunately) included the harmless hemp variety. So what role could hemp play thanks to the return of marijuana? Let’s take a closer look at the upcoming hemp revolution and find out.

A Rock Star Comeback

As highlighted in the December 2017 article “Is This Finally the Big Moment for Hemp?”, the non-psychoactive variety of marijuana is once again integrating into world cultures. Both versatile and ecologically friendly (in comparison to other crops), the fragrant herb is once again being used to create construction and industrial materials. Thanks to the introduction of medical pot benefits, though, scientists are also using hemp to create medicinal extracts, dietary supplements, and cannabidiol/terpene oils.

Interestingly, while marijuana is still banned at the federal level (due to high traces of THC), hemp only contains a minimum of 0.3% THC, a much lighter load than its parent plant.

Data Tracker

Based on a report from the CBD Report 2018 in the Hemp Business Journal, the U.S. CBD market (overall) skyrocketed by 40% and has been projected to contain a total sale of $1.2 billion by the time 2020 rolls around. Even more remarkable, analysts have expected the market to grow to $2 billion in 2022, only two years after the first projected date. Also, consider that, in 2017, $190 million of total sales stemmed from hemp products, a stark contrast to the $177 million legal marijuana market for adults.

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