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Preventing Overdoses in Laguna Beach


Drug overdose rates in Orange County have reached epidemic proportions. According to the latest available county government statistics, overdoses have increased 82% in Orange County since the year 2000.  Our region has 5,000 hospitalizations and 600 deaths each year from overdoses, most of which involve opioids (like heroin, oxycodone or hydrocodone) or benzodiazepines (sedatives like Valium and Xanax). Laguna Beach has one of the highest  rates of overdose in the county.

Most of these overdoses are the result of untreated addiction. Across the country, there has been increased awareness of addiction’s reach and destructive power. Expanded access has resulted in more people seeking treatment, but there is still a large gap between how many people can be diagnosed with an addictive disorder and how many people seek treatment for it. We’re fortunate that in Laguna and in all of Orange County, despite these large raw numbers of overdose victims, we have the best access to drug detoxification in the state

When individuals do seek treatment, they tend to get positive results. Addiction has many similar qualities to other chronic medical conditions like heart disease or asthma. In chronic conditions like these, there is no cure for them, but they can be safely and effectively managed. Flare-ups happen in chronic medical conditions — asthma attacks for those with asthma, relapses for those with addiction — but high-quality treatment makes flare-ups less likely and less severe. Untreated conditions like these can be catastrophic: you can think of an overdose for someone with untreated addiction in a similar way that you’d think of a heart attack in someone with untreated cardiovascular disease. 

Attendance at a drug rehab program is a highly effective way to treat substance use disorders like opioid addiction and alcohol addiction. Finding a drug rehab program in Orange County means that you’re more likely to have success in treating an addictive condition. If you’re in Laguna Beach or close by, Asana Recovery offers detailed information about addiction and many treatment options. These options include medication-assisted treatment, when appropriate; such treatment has been shown to dramatically decrease overdose deaths and save the lives of your friends and neighbors. 

If you’ve suffered an overdose, or addiction has taken control of your life, Asana Recovery can help. With comprehensive programs, trained and caring staff and a professional approach, Asana Recovery can get you back to your goals safely and sustainably. Give us a call today at (949) 438-4504 or visit us at asanarecovery.com.


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