According to a bombshell report published earlier this week in the New York Times, Purdue Pharma, a drug company that manufactures Oxycontin, deliberately concealed information about the drug’s potential for abuse. Though Purdue has long denied having any knowledge of the significant abuse of their drug until years after it went on the market, the New York Times obtained a confidential report by the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) that reveals the exact opposite.

According to the DOJ, Purdue Pharma first gained knowledge of the abusive and addictive potential of Oxycontin shortly after it was approved for sale in 1996, when company officials started to receive numerous reports of widespread abuse in both the sale and use of Oxycontin. Despite this knowledge, Purdue continued to push forward with an aggressive marketing campaign that claimed the drug was less prone to abuse or addiction than other prescription opioids. While the Justice Department recommended the pursuit of criminal charges against top Purdue Pharma executives, the case was ultimately settled in 2007 without any charges being brought.

Opioid addiction is a progressive disease and it will become worse if left untreated. Seeking treatment at the earliest opportunity is believed to give patients a better chance at recovery.

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