Over the course of several decades, we have watched (some of us scratching our heads in confusion) as a lengthy string of celebrities have shown support for the little green plant. From actors and musicians to businessmen and bloggers, people from all walks of life have suddenly taken an interesting in this fragrant herb, and perhaps some of the most passionate supporters are found in the rap industry. While we are all familiar with the endless praises of Snoop Dogg, other artists like Whiz Khalifa have also taken an extra leap by developing a designer strain of marijuana (Khalifa Kush). Now, one more rapper may be entering the pot industry very soon. Let’s take a closer look at why Quavo might be the next rap music icon to set up a marijuana dispensary.

One Mysterious Tweet

Recently, Quavo (a member of the rap supergroup called Migos and Travis Scott) sent out a mysterious tweet that hinted he might be branching into the marijuana industry very soon. Simply put, he might be opening up his personal pot dispensary at some point, if the message is correct. In part, the tweet referred to a “huncho” dispensary (in reference to a term that Quavo frequently uses). As we have already point out, Quavo’s endeavor to open a dispensary is not that bizarre, given the fact that so many rappers are partaking in the continuously growing front of the weed industry.

Walking in the Footsteps of Greats

QUAVO MIGHT BE THE NEXT RAPPER TO SET UP A MARIJUANA DISPENSARYAlthough he has yet to confirm the tweet, Quavo may be preparing to walk in the footsteps of his contemporaries, who have already made significant investments in pot. Other hip-hip and rap artists who have developed designer strains for the marijuana market are Tyga (Taste), Curren$y (Andretti OG), Snoop Dogg (Leafs by Snoop), and Willie Nelson (Willie’s Reserve). Recently, B-Real (of Cyprus Hill) opened a dispensary in the Lost Angeles area earlier in 2018.

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