The use of recreational drugs has radically increased in recent years, especially among young people. Whether it is from the glamorization of drugs in modern media or the easy of access people have to drugs today, drug abuse has become an epidemic.

Many people are under the false impression that only hard drugs like heroin and cocaine are dangerous while drugs like weed and Molly are safe if taken in small amounts.

Thinking one drug is more dangerous than another is not true at all because even though they all have different side effects all of them present dangers in their own way. It’s not only the drug itself that people need to worry about but the conditions they take the drug in can also negatively affect their health.

Health Risks of Recreational Drug Use in California

Many drugs that are taken intravenously require a needle to get the chemicals into the bloodstream, but for many addicts finding a fresh needle is not a concern. In these cases where needles are shared or found the risk of catching Hep C, HIV, or other blood-based disease skyrockets. It’s not only the risk of catching diseases that addicts need to worry about when taking drugs, but they also need to worry if the drugs they have been given have anything else in them.

Some drug dealers will sometimes cut the drug they are selling with something else, be it another drug, something benign, or in some extreme cases something deadly like rat poison.  Whether it be to save money, or for some other violent reason dealers will cut their drug and the user would be completely unaware until it’s too late.

Dangers of Combining Drugs

Party and rave environments also present significant dangers to drug users as they are not only encouraged to take multiple drugs throughout the night, but they are also encouraged to drink copious amounts of alcohol as well. Mixing drugs and alcohol is a deadly combination that can lead to the body shutting down, overdose, or even death.

Combing drugs can also lead to medical issues that don’t present themselves initially, but rather later on in life.  Some of these conditions include arrhythmia, heart failure, and kidney failure, among many other possible conditions. These club atmospheres are dangerous to impressionable young people who don’t know the dangers of the drugs they are being offered.

California Drug Use Treatment

Most people don’t take the threat of recreational drug use seriously and continue to abuse drugs thinking its completely safe in moderation. All drugs and addictive no matter how little or how much is taken. If you or a loved one is suffering from the addictive nature of drugs, please visit us at Asana Recovery. At Asana recovery we have a trained and caring staff ready to help an addict at any level detox and begin their journey to a sober life.


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