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Drug addiction affects over 23.5 million Americans and under 12% of those addicted actually get treatment. Although drugs and alcohol all have different mechanisms of action, all addictions have the same root behaviors as well as similar biochemical origins. Addiction is a disease that affects people physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually; this also normally affects the addict’s family and friends in many ways as well.

Stumbling into Addiction

Most behavior begins with good intentions. Having a few drinks or starting to use drugs to simply calm your nerves seems innocent at first; nobody plans to become addicted. In fact, there may be plenty of rewards in the beginning like the feeling that your stresses have been lifted off your very tired shoulders. In time, it all falls apart and what was once the fun has now become a vice, essentially adding to your stress.

Saying Bye to Drugs and Alcohol

The detox phase can take longer for some than for others and is moderately dependent on your drug of choice and for how long you’ve been using. For example, detox from alcohol can be relatively quick compared to that of narcotics. Some people have used multiple substances and will need to withdraw from them all at once. With some substances there will be a transition from the abused drug to a simulator medication that will aid in the withdrawal process, however the patient will need time to get used to the new medication also.

Overall, the detox stage is when the body is brought back into a functional balance after experiencing an unusual and hazardous substance within. This is important since the physical damage from alcohol and drug abuse can be nearly irreversible by the time the person seeks detoxification.


Once you have successfully made it through detox, ideally, a rehabilitation program is usually needed for ultimate, life-long success. With this in mind, rehabilitation programs are available for private admissions as well as for public needs. There are plenty of options available, no matter what you were addicted to. The aim of drug and alcohol rehab is to allow addicts the time they need to cope with the host of issues behind their addictions and to develop new coping and social skills to minimize the risk of relapse. The overall goal is to construct a new lifestyle with new habits, all conducive to supporting continued sobriety.

Is Detox Alone Enough?

You may want to believe that the only important aspect of the recovery process is the actual detox portion of the program. Detox is very important. But the damage done to your body and the psychological conflict experienced must be addressed and resolved to be able to successfully continue to live a clean life.At Asana Recovery, we understand how difficult recovering from these addictions through our daily work to help those struggling most from this disease. The supervised detoxification and residential treatment programs at Asana Recovery are offered in a supportive, relaxing, and inspiring environment. We’re deeply committed to ensuring your long-term recovery and guiding you on your path to a healthier and happier future. There is no better time than now, and we’re always available to speak with you. Call us at (949) 438-4504 to learn more about our comprehensive drug and alcohol addiction treatment program today.