Perhaps, you may ask one question about the recent events involving cannabis: does the legalization of marijuana ultimately promote abuse and addiction? This question has been the subject of debate for years. Since several states fully legalized the drug as of March 2018, more than twenty states are still on the fence about legalizing recreational weed, while several more states have still not allowed any use of the drug. There is also the problem with edibles and how THC-laced candies could potentially attract children or teens (who cannot use any form of the drug, by law). However, as researchers recently proposed, there is no need for concern. Let’s take a look at a study into the recent marijuana debate and see what these scientists have uncovered.

Legal Weed Is Not the Culprit

RESEARCHERS ARGUE THAT LEGALIZED MARIJUANA DOES NOT PROMOTE DRUG ABUSEBased on a recent study featured in Drugs in Context, researchers have confirmed that the legalization of cannabis products in our country does not and will not promote any form of drug abuse or addiction. Also covered in Marijuana Moment, the report did confirm that impulsiveness and risk-taking do increase after cannabis consumption. However, this sometimes radical behavior does not coincide with the editions to marijuana laws.

Once the study began in 2015, researchers analyzed 329 people who frequently consumed cannabis. As part of the project, researchers utilized the Cannabis Use Problems Identification Test (CUPIT) to determine if the impulsive behavior was linked to frequent use. Two years later, in 2017, the scientists officially confirmed that “frequent use” involved ingesting marijuana once a week (at least).

Limited Research

Nevertheless, the researchers themselves are questioning the accuracy of the data given the fact that most of it was cross-sectional (collected singularly through observation). Overall, the scientists reviewed users in states that legalized marijuana and states that have not. Thus, an official reveal of a mutual relationship was not fully determined. More research is needed down the road.

However, the group did warn people about the potentially harmful effects of frequent consumption of marijuana.

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