Intentionally (or perhaps unintentionally to some degree), marijuana has become a symbol of for “zoning out” and relaxation. People often turn to this potentially addictive drug to find an escape from a hectic work week or to tune out the problems with the world. On the other hand, you have a group of people who prefer to get their kicks from a different type of relaxant: beer. Famous musicians Louis Armstrong and Bob Marley both agreed that alcohol and marijuana do have major differences in terms of how a person’s lifestyle is affected. However, scientists may have discovered that the words of these singer/songwriters might, in fact, hold some relevance. Let’s take a closer look at how scientists compare and contrast beer with marijuana.

A Contest of Energy Efficiency

Members of the marijuana community will readily agree that alcohol is a terrible alternative to marijuana, considered by many people to be healthier and less dangerous (including the potential for risky behavior). However, scientists are taking a different perspective on how alcohol and marijuana are different.

In the 2018 Cannabis Energy Report (New Frontier Data), researchers discovered that marijuana is a much more energy efficient substance than alcohol. What do they mean by this?

Initially, the researchers compared how many grams of marijuana and six-packs of beer are produced in the country. As a result, they discovered that the beer was a huge energy waster. As of 2017, companies sold 11.6 six-packs of beer in the United States, while only 7.33 million grams of marijuana had been sold. Researchers also projected that cannabis sales will increase by 5.2%, increasing production to 7.71 billion grams, and the drug will still be a dominant, energy efficient product (contrasting with beer).

The End Game

Many people across the country will stay true to their small, leafy friends, despite the negative side effects. While marijuana may not produce harmful behavior as strongly as beer, both products contain substances that can produce harmful effects on the human body. Marijuana can potentially lead to brain problems, while alcohol wreaks havoc on the liver. Ultimately, knowledge is the best key to survival.

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