After people have successfully completed drug addiction or alcoholism treatment programs, they will no doubt feel overjoyed that you have freed their bodies from these poisons, although the concern of a relapse may still be imminent (only natural). However, depending on the severity of their addictive behavior, these men and women may begin to run into another problem: finding a viable job. From one side of the argument, you can see why this would be such a terrible issue all the way around. Managers may be wary of hiring people with drug or alcohol problems on a record, which can spell big problems for recovered patients down the road. However, as it turns out, one restaurant owner in Regina, Saskatchewan is taking action to make sure the stigma about reformed addicts is flushed down the proverbial drain. Let’s take a closer look and see what he has done.

Breaking the Ice

RESTAURANT OWNER HIRES FORMER DRUG ADDICTSAfter serving as an employee at Nicky’s Café (Regina, Saskatchewan) for more than 30 years, Kevin Foley has now set up a second location near Emerald Park, and he has one goal in mind: to break the stigma about addicts. Recently, Foley started hiring staff members who are currently completing the recovery process. According to him, though, this objective stems from personal experience. As Foley points out, he suffered from addictions for a large portion of his life and believes that everyone (including potential employers) should not shy away from discussing this mental problem. After all, many people in high-paying jobs suffer from addiction.

Grateful for Work

On the flip side, Foley’s employees are more than grateful to their new employer for giving them a second chance. As Arnold Brundson (the kitchen manager at the restaurant) explains, all it took was a DUI to wake him up, and he openly credits Foley’s bar for helping him stay grounded. Now that he has work to occupy himself, Brundson passes off alcohol as an afterthought and finds opportunities to socialize with others who endured the same problem.

Seeking Treatment for Drug Addiction or Alcoholism

Alcohol and drugs are unfortunately realities of society, sometimes one that people cannot avoid no matter how hard they may try. Ensuing abuse and addiction can sometimes become so severe that people will lose touch with reality, the drug serving as their only option for living. However, this does not have to be the future for you.

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