Overall, you can see why some people may have doubts about doctors using marijuana as a medication, especially for children. After all, the drug has not always held the spotlight of popularity with everyone in the United States, as many people still believe it is dangerous. While the drug is addictive, however, some doctors are arguing in favor of the little green plant and claim cannabis has the ability to heal (if dosed and supervised properly). Over the past couple of months, however, scientists have revealed that cannabinoid oil (a concentrate formed from CBD) might be a safe medication for rare seizure disorders. Even more interesting, one U.S. state has also permitted the use of this oil for another common problem: autism. Let’s take a closer look at how the State of Rhode Island is handling this situation.

Opinions on Medical Marijuana for Autism

RHODE ISLAND APPROVES CBD OIL FOR CHILDREN WITH AUTISMUltimately, renowned members of the medical field are still debating about the effectiveness and the safety of marijuana to treat autism. For the most part, politicians are just as divided on the subject. Recently, Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper vetoed a piece of legislation that would have recognized autism as a condition that can be treated with cannabidiol oil (CBD).

So, what do scientists have to say on the matter? In the end, research projects cannot predict how people will react to the drug. Variable factors like personal experiences and the severity of a condition can easily disprove current findings. In the worst case scenario, autism can be a debilitating, dangerous condition, and, ironically, the debate about the disorder is as controversial as the debate about marijuana.

Recently, the only states that recognized autism as a disorder that qualifies for medical marijuana treatment were Delaware, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Georgia, and South Carolina. As new reports indicate, however, Rhode Island has joined the team in an innovative way.

A Work in Progress

As of today, health officials in Rhode Island have approved a piece of legislation that will grant full allow parents to give marijuana to their autistic children. Likewise, the State Department of Health has announced that doctors will be given full permission to write prescriptions for these young patients, but the medications can only be CBD-based (to prevent harmful side effects, like the high produced by THC). Furthermore, doctors must consult with pediatricians about how to regulate levels of CBD for juveniles.

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