Throughout his career, actor Robert Downey Jr. has captured the hearts of audiences around the world with his boyish charm and quirky, witty personality. From his early work in Tuff Tuff and Weird Science to his global success as the iconic Marvel superhero Iron Man (part of a massive film universe), Downey Jr. has still managed to hold onto that special spark of eccentricity and boldness. However, as most of you may know, the actor is not only well-known for his successful film career but also infamous for his battle with addiction. Much like his on-screen alter-ego Tony Stark (as portrayed in the comic book Demon in a Bottle), Downey Jr. was able to overcome his demons and seek help for his illness, but his story continues to grab the attention of moviegoers everywhere. Let’s take a closer look at his addiction struggles and see why he refers to this sickness as a family problem.

A Hopeless Spiral

For many years, Downey Jr. didn’t appear to have the strength to overcome his illness. Since he was a kid, the actor had been using drugs, a downward spiral that only took a nosedive when he reached the roadways of Hollywood. In 1996, police pulled Downey Jr. over for speeding and discovered cocaine, crack cocaine, heroin, and an unloaded .357 Magnum in his vehicle. Perhaps we will never forget the story about the time when Downey Jr.’s neighbors found him in the bed of their 11-year old son. According to the actor, this incident was extremely uncommon, as he did not typically black out during his highs. After two escapes from rehab, Downey Jr. was sent to prison for a period of 36-months (3 years), but he only ended up staying for 1 year.

A Family Affair

ROBERT DOWNEY JR. DESCRIBES ADDICTION AS A FAMILY PROBLEMIn an interview with Vanity Fair, Downey Jr. explained how the first step toward healing was to get out of his cave of self-denial and understand the significance of negative emotions (to break through the wall of sadness and self-loathing). However, the actor has confirmed that his sickness was most likely genetic, given the fact that his son Indlo Downey (a musician) faced criminal charges for the possession of drugs. As Downey Jr. puts it, a single dysfunction will instantly become a family ordeal. He has applauded his son for climbing up the hill much faster than he could (given the higher number of resources nowadays), but Downey Jr. is (in our opinion) certainly no longer a “downer” to himself.

Seeking Treatment for Drug Addiction or Alcoholism  

For individuals suffering from drug addiction or alcoholism, their suffering will become their family’s suffering and will begin to affect close friends. Imagine the pain of watching someone (who you know has been an intelligent and resourceful person in the past) succumb to a toxin that could easily have been avoided. Needless to say, both the addicts and the loved ones will be angry and sad, but the good news is that everyone can find a source of relief. Even if you suffer from a particularly severe case of addiction, you will be able to find help.

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