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When it comes to icons of rock and roll, Steven Tyler is definitely up there with some of the greats. Since the start of his fabulous career, the legendary rock singer stunned audiences with his insane vocals, wild stage antics, and out-of-this-world costumes. Although he has released some solo albums in recent years, kids from the 70s, 80s, and 90s will remember him best as the lead singer for the hard rock group Aerosmith. Add too that his team-ups with Alice Cooper, Mötley Crüe, Carlos Santana, KISS, Pink Floyd, and other pioneers of modern rock, and you can see why he’s a bonafide icon in the history of music. However, as Tyler himself points out, he used to walk the fine line between reality and Wonderland too many times to count. Let’s read why Steven Tyler said his addiction took him down the “rabbit hole.”

Hurting Everyone around Me

In an interview with OBJECTified, Steven Tyler admits that he has all the qualities of an addictive personality (all the way around). In that light, the singer explains that his love for drugs negatively affected his private life and social circles. In essence, he was destroying his family and friends and virtually ruining his image as a rock singer. Eventually, as Tyler reveals, he didn’t even consider how his drug problems would affect Aerosmith.

Ultimately, he describes his experience as following Alice down the rabbit hole and straight into Wonderland. He felt that, as a rock star, he had an obligation to objectify women and drugs.

Watch the Money Burn

In fact, Tyler admits that he once spent between $5 million and $6 million to fuel his addiction, but, oddly enough, he believes cocaine was the reason Aerosmith took off. Back then, the singer explains, MTV did not exist. During an appearance on Ellen, Tyler reveals how he willingly accepted Peruvian marching powder as compensation for the nonstop tours his band would undergo.

Finally, after a relapse on pain meds, Tyler completed his eighth visit to a rehabilitation center in 2009 and even visited a drug court graduation as a guest star. Overall, he compliments traveling through the wormhole of rehab and emerging victorious as the greatest achievement of his life.

Seeking Treatment for Drug Abuse or Addiction

Drug abuse and addiction are dangerous mental illnesses that not only wreak havoc on a victim’s private life but can also drive a wedge into a perfect reputation. Even more frightening, you will not know if you are an addict unless you take one shot of alcohol. Like any mechanical breakdown, though, you can easily patch yourself up and continue the trek uphill to freedom. However, with the right mixture of perseverance and determination, you can easily get back on track and be happy once more.

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