In the past decade, marijuana has reached a bizarre celebrity status around the world and in our country. Restaurants and producers are releasing new forms of the drug to appeal to the recreational users, as well as people suffering from medical disorders. While it has not been fully legalized in every U.S. State, marijuana is still a very interesting part of the global culture now. In fact, as scientists recently discovered, the drug has been popular around the world for a much longer time than we may have thought. Believe it or not, weed smoking may outdate some of the pyramids. How important is this fact for us modern people, though? Let’s take a look at marijuana of the past.

When in Rome: The Origins of Cannabis

According to the breaking report in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology, scientists discovered that cannabis sativa (a variation of the marijuana plant) could be traced back almost as far as 8,000 B.C. (almost 10,000 years before our society blossomed). As revealed in the magazine, the cannabis plant originated in Asian countries and was considered an essential crop since the development of farming. From 8,000 to 200 B.C., Asian societies used forms of the hemp plant, which was eventually popularized in Europe. After that, cannabis use spread to countries including Taiwan, Russia, and Greece.

Who First Used Medical Marijuana?

Interestingly enough, scientists indicated that Chinese Emperor Shen Neng first prescribed cannabis for medical reasons at some point around 2,737 B.C. Even more interesting, the Father of Chinese Agriculture recorded weed in the Chinese pharmacopeia at the time. Nevertheless, more proof is required concerning whether the Emperor actually prescribed the drug.

When Did People Use Recreational Marijuana?

SCIENTISTS CONFIRM THAT SOCIETIES HAVE USED MARIJUANA FOR OVER 10,000 YEARSScientists are still debating on exact details that could answer this question. Based on the report, one of the first recreational users may have resided in Greece. Renowned writer and philosopher Plutarch (45-120 B.C.) records that the Thracians (tribes from Indo-Europe who have long been extinct) had extensively used the drug to become intoxicated.

Relevance to the Present Day

Marijuana aficionados now argue that this study proves why marijuana is a valuable part of our world’s culture. Scientists have proven that the drug has been extensively used for over 10,000 years, and the legalization of marijuana in California (1996) got the ball rolling. Who knows how much the use of this drug will evolve over time? If anything can be learned from this research, we must continue to exercise caution.

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