Known for its sweeping landscape and bombastic people, Scotland certainly serves as a melting pot of medieval warfare and modern flamboyance, in all the best possible ways. Visitors to this small country will enjoy exchanging conversations with overly friendly men and women and will definitely marvel at the splendor of the Scottish Highlands, filled with endless swaths of violet heather. Sometimes, standing near the castle on a loch, the music of bagpipes (the instrument of war) still ring loudly through the chilly air. So, you may be very sad to hear that this amazing country serves as the capital of Europe’s worst drug problem. In fact, a recent report indicates that Scotland currently suffers from the worst levels of drug-related deaths in the continent (compared to the UK and Wales). Let’s take a closer look at the sad reality of this situation.

Death Cocktails

SCOTLAND RECORDS HIGHEST LEVEL OF DRUG-RELATED DEATHS IN EUROPEAt this time, Scottish officials have been urged to take drastic action after studies confirmed that, in 2017, the country had suffered the highest drug-related death rate in Europe. According to statistics, a staggering 943 people died from drug overdoses, two times larger than the rate of deaths in the United Kingdom. Further analyses sadly confirmed that 70% of the deceased victims were 35 years and older, which solidifies the grim reality of long-term drug use in Scotland. Even more disturbing, 87% of deaths were caused by opioids, specifically heroin and methadone. Officials have also implied that 337 deaths were caused by death cocktails (mixtures of these destructive substances).

What’s the Root of the Problem?

In a recent report, David Liddell (chief executive of the Scottish Drugs Form charity) explained that the government is spending more money on road fixtures than investing in rehabilitation programs for addicts. As of now, 61,000 Scottish people suffer from this detrimental disease, and many of these addicts die from other drug-related factors besides overdoses.

Similarly, John Fitzpatrick (public health minister of Scotland) also agrees that the country is not taking proper measures to deal with the Trainspotting generation. Likewise, he added that drug-treatment strategies should focus on the overall health of an individual (not just drug problems), including issues related to mental health and unemployment.

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