Deciding to go to a treatment center is a huge step in one’s life. Addiction is a difficult struggle for anyone going through withdrawal, cravings, and relapses, so finding the right treatment center that fits your needs is important. Not all treatment centers are safe, however, and some are fraudulent treatment centers and in others, insurance fraud can occur.

While the majority of treatment centers aim to help individuals overcome drug and alcohol addiction, some treatment centers use their clients for money without giving their clients the help they need. Always make sure the that the treatment center you are about to give money through insurance or out of pocket to, is credible. To do this, check to see if the treatment center is officially certified and usually if they are certified, they will have a list of effective treatments. Doing background research online or by asking around can also help with this too.

If you hear about anyone at that treatment center having trouble with billing after leaving rehab or other troubles like being deceived during treatment or worse, the insurance company being told late about your admittance there, then try to avoid these types of rehab centers. The unfortunate news is that once some treatment centers open, even if they are shown to be bad, they can stay open. Overall, be cautious in your search for the right, legitimate treatment center.

Insurance fraud is one of the biggest challenges faced by drug addicts today when it comes to rehabilitation centers. The types of rehab centers that cause their clients to get insurance fraud are centers that find clients with good health insurance, they give clients unnecessary and expensive treatments or fees that are billed to the insurance providers. Some of these centers even encourage substance abuse to keep their clients addicted so money from insurance keeps coming in.

To avoid these financial mistakes, understand what a residential treatment center is and what is expected of this type of treatment center. A residential treatment center is a certified health center designed to help patients who are struggling with a substance dependency like drug or alcohol addiction. Some centers offer outpatient treatment and others offer inpatient treatments where the client is required to stay at the center for a few weeks. To check certification, ask if the center if they have a clinical director and about their credentials. Make sure they provide an aftercare program.

Treatment center cost varies depending on the treatment center. Some charge up to $1,217 per day while others offer a sliding scale fee to suit the needs of individuals with less money. A sliding scale fee may be no cost or low enough for each individual to afford it. However, your insurance company may work with you and a fair amount do, to help pay for treatment.

Asana Recovery might be the right treatment center for you. They are a CARF-accredited program, meaning that they meet national standards for treatment and CARF is known to be more stringent than other state requirements. At Asana Recovery, clients are invited into a supportive environment where multiple treatment options like detox, therapies, rehabilitation, and outpatient services are provided. Call 949-438-4504 to learn more about their treatment services.