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Signs You Might Be Enabling Drug Addiction

Signs You Might Be Enabling Drug Addiction

Have you ever met someone who seems to go overboard to help their children, friends, spouse, or anyone else happy and, as a result, leaves his/her private life in ruins? Obviously, each of us has met this type of person, whose good intentions tend to become negative over time. These people, called enablers, have noble causes but can almost always feed tragedy, particularly if they are enabling drug abuse and addiction. What makes this situation even more unnerving, though, is the simple fact that these men and women probably don’t even realize what they’re doing. Sometimes, enabling become instinctive over time. Let’s take a closer look at some signs that you or someone you know may be enabling drug addiction.

“I’m Just Trying to Help”

Let’s make one thing perfectly clear: trying to help people in need is perfectly fine. After all, drug addicts need all the help they can get to heal and to reemerge into society, so what is the difference between love and enabling, then?

Simply put, enablers help drugs addicts find support for their negative activity, and, in the end, the addicts don’t learn their lesson. Ultimately, the enabler cannot admit that their loved one or friend has a major problem and will resort to desperation, supporting this ailing individual in any way they can.

The Master Problem-Solver

Enablers, in a way, may view themselves as the master problem solvers of this situation. Out of sadness or frustration, they believe they can turn their loved one’s problems around by providing money and support, when, in all actuality, nothing but medicine and rehab can solve these problems.

Consider these questions:

  • Are you helping your son or daughter manage finances, which constantly seem to be drained?
  • Are you making excuses for their late nights out and their drunken rampages at home?
  • Are you trying to hide their behavior from friends and other family members?

However, being a master problem-solver isn’t easy. In the end, the enabler puts himself/herself last in the great race, resulting in spiritual and physical draining.

Seeking Treatment for Drug Addiction or Alcoholism   

Alcoholism and drug addiction are dangerous sicknesses that should never be taken lightly. All it takes to fall off the wagon and become sick is to take that first sniff, snort, injection, or shot before you are rolling downhill into insanity. Still, you can always push the train back up, but it will be a difficult hike. However, with the right mixture of perseverance and determination, you can easily get back on track and be happy once more. 

Are you suffering from a severe case of alcoholism or drug addiction? Do you have a friend or a loved one who is coping with the same illness? In both cases, get in touch us at with Asana Recovery today. Our professional team of counselors and healthcare experts will help you endure the painful process of drug withdrawal and detox and guide you along the rocky road of rehabilitation. Soon enough, you will experience a faster and much more efficient recovery.

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