Before entering rehab, you probably spent a lot of your free time using. Once you go through rehab, you find that you have a lot more time on your hands after.

For so long, you have equated partying with having a fun time. This is far from the truth. Using drugs and/or alcohol is harmful to your overall health and can lead you to doing things that may jeopardize your life. It is extremely important for you to recognize that it is completely possible to have a good time without using drugs or alcohol. There are a number of activities you can get involved in that are healthy for the body and mind.

Some of the most fulfilling activities individuals engage in are:

  1. Go sightseeing. You may discover something about your city that you never noticed before. Is there historic architecture? Is there a beautiful nature spot that animals love to frequent? Do you have any national landmarks close by? If walking around the neighborhood is not something that interests you, consider visiting a zoo or an aquarium or even a local museum.
  2. Join a running club. Running is one of the best exercises a person can engage in when it comes to improving their overall health. Running is exceptional for cardiovascular training and can help keep you in shape. Joining a club will give you both short- and long-term goals to work toward and you can engage in this activity with new friends.
  3. Join a book club. This is a very relaxing activity that is good for your mind. It helps strengthen knowledge and concentration skills and can distract you positively for hours. Not only is this activity healthy for the mind and spirit, but it is also very inexpensive to engage in routinely.
  4. Get a gym membership. Gyms offer endless equipment options so you can experiment around to find a few you love and can commit to. This is an exceptional way to improve your physical and mental health.
  5. Consider hiking or biking. The world is large and demands exploration. Getting an inexpensive bike or strapping on a comfortable pair of hiking shoes is the first step toward discovering something new. These activities are demanding and fun, and will provide a sense of accomplishment once you reach your goal.


All of these activities can be completed alone or with sober friends. You can learn something new, see something amazing, and have an exceptional time doing so. At Asana Recovery, we place a great emphasis on showing people new fun activities they can participate in. We offer outdoor nature walks, yoga, and even more intense physical activities. Not only do these activities give people things to do during down time, but they are all exceptional for improving both physical and mental health.

Dealing with an addiction is not the end of the road. Starting recovery opens a brand new path to enjoyment that you may not even know is there. Call us today at (949) 438-4504 to get started today.