Drug addicts and those with mental illness have been portrayed in a mostly negative light for many years. It is only recently that people have become more sympathetic to the plight of addicts and people suffering from mental illness. Going to therapy Is’nt considered a sign of extreme mental instability anymore and is seen the same as going to the doctor, and there is less of a stigma put on people with mental illness or addiction. With that said more of the understanding and acceptability has been given to mental illness more than drug addicts. While the societal acceptance is better for addicts now than in the past many still feel more negatively towards drug addicts than they do those with mental illness. While understanding one and demonizing the other is not helpful and will ultimately be destructive, it is important to understand why some people might think this way

Addiction As a Choice

Many people are, unfortunately, of the mindset that people addicted to drugs have gotten to that state because of their SOCIETY’S VIEW OF DRUG ADDICTS VS MENTAL ILLNESSdecisions and lack of self-control. They view addicts not as people who need help overcoming their bodies dependence on a narcotic, but rather as people who made terrible decisions and are paying the price for them. This way of thinking is dangerous to addicts going through recovery as the abuse they face from people of this mindset can cause them to retreat into their addiction and refuse to seek help, believing what these people say about them is true. In reality, several factors can lead to drug addiction including mental illness; so blaming addiction entirely on a person’s choices and self-control isn’t fair to an addict in need of support and recovery.

The Myth that Quitting is Easy

Some believe that quitting is extremely easy, especial for those who have just started taking drugs. The difficulty of quitting is different for everyone. Some people find it easy to kick their addiction and can stop on their own, but for most people quitting becomes nearly impossible to do on their own once the body develops a dependence on drugs. It’s not a matter of wanting to quit like many people seem to think, but more of a matter of physically not being able to function without the drug. This is why programs like detox are so important.

Help Quitting a Drug Addiction in California

The path to recovery is never easy, no matter what people say, and the addict shouldn’t be blamed for their addiction. Instead, an addict that wishes to seek recovery needs love and support from their family. If you or a loved one is dealing with addiction and wishes to start on the path of recovery than Asana Recovery is a perfect place to start. Our experienced and caring staff is ready to guide all recovery addicts through the program so they may one day lead a clean and healthy lifestyle. Please visit us as Asana Recovery to start on the path to a drug-free life.