Books to read in Recovery

Solution-focused brief therapy (SFBT) is a goal-oriented therapy that focuses on providing an immediate solution to a specific problem. While many treatments take a more holistic approach to address the underlying issues that brought the patient to therapy, SFBT focuses on the steps you can take to improve your present situation.

The premise behind SFBT is that individuals experiences with mental health issues and substance use disorders have ebbs an flows where the specific problem is more intense or worse at certain times than others. With the guidance of a certified therapist, the SFBT patient will be able to identify the factors that existed when their disease or disorder was less intense in order to find solutions that can address the symptoms being experienced in the present.

SFBT is not a solution that will work for everyone, but it does have clear benefits that can be taken advantage of by the right person. In addition to being less expensive than other therapies, SFBT is designed to provide relief in a shortened time period.

SFBT is approved for the treatment of substance use disorders, but it may not be suitable for those suffering from severe drug or alcohol addictions, which may need more intensive care.

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