Comic book and movie fans will no doubt recognize the title The Demon in a Bottle, the infamous Marvel Comics story in which beloved superhero Iron Man (Tony Stark) revealed his plight with alcoholism. However, throughout the years, multiple characters in multiple scenarios have introduced teens, young adults, and older adults to the horrifying realities of this debilitating and degenerative disease (which, ironically, is also one of the most easily preventable). From South American prisons to the metropolitan landscape of Gotham City, superheroes might rule the skies and streets of fictional worlds, but, beneath their masks and cowls, most are human beings who suffer from the same problems we do. Let’s take a closer look at some comic book characters who suffer from drug addiction.

Allan Quartermaine (The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen)

Casting the ill-fated 2003 adaptation aside, Alan Moore’s original classic The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen not only painted a magnificent picture of a fictional Victorian world but also revealed how drug addiction can make the strongest man crumble. After suffering from a string of tragedies and succumbing to old age, famed hunter Allan Quartermaine (the protagonist of King Solomon’s Mines) eventually fell into opium addiction. Although Mina Harker, the team’s leader, successfully pulled him from an opium den, Quartermaine endangered the team on his pursuit for laudanum. Overall, his brief bout with drug showcases how drugs break down the most powerful, intelligent people in our world.

Patriot (Young Avengers)

SOME COMIC BOOK CHARACTERS WHO SUFFER FROM DRUG ADDICTIONWe are all familiar with HGH (human growth hormone). Now, imagine a steroid that is ten times more powerful than that. After conducting further research on the mutant genome, Beast (an iconic member of the X-Men) develops a potent chemical called MGH (mutant growth hormone), which allowed normal humans to gain superpowers. Descended from a famous war veteran, Patriot (Elijah Bradley) consumed the drug in an effort to get the super-strength of his relative and was ultimately shunned for his drug use. Later, he obtained powers through a blood transfusion but continued to carry his disgrace.

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