One of the most dangerous and addictive drugs in the world, heroin is a deadly opioid that is typically consumed in a variety of ways. Most of you will probably be familiar with the classic injection practice (through which deadly diseases and viruses are transmitted), but other methods used to take this opioid include snorting, sniffing, and even smoking. Every habit depends on the preferences of the addict. Sometimes, these people will put heroin in a marijuana joint for smoking or inhale heroin smoke through a straw (called “chasing the dragon”). No matter how this drug is taken, though, heroin is still a deadly substance that can wreak havoc on your body, sometimes permanently. Let’s take a closer look at some of the common methods for heroin use.

Fear of Injection

In a recent report, the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) explained how higher purity heroin is becoming extremely popular among new users who are cautious about injection and prefer smoking/snorting. This behavior may be related to the fact that injection induces a much stronger high than the alternative practices. However, anyone who indulges in heroin is putting themselves at risk for addiction and dependency.

Heroin Injection, Up Close

In the same manner of carrying and lighting a cigarette, the process of preparing heroin for injection is tedious and can border on ritualistic. Manufactured in a powder or tar-like form, heroin must first be mixed into a liquid and heated to change its chemical makeup. Some addicts will use citric acid to quicken the breakdown process. After putting the mixture through a cigarette lighter or cotton ball, people will draw this mixture through a filter and into a syringe (to remove impurities).

Once this stage is complete, the addict will tie-off their arm with a tourniquet (belt, shoelace, rubber band, or anything on hand). Once the vein has emerged, they will inject the drug. Complications can eventually arise after these veins have collapsed, as they will have to inject heroin through joints or in the neck.

Seeking Treatment for Heroin Addiction    

Always remember that drugs do not have control over your life. You do. Are you suffering from a substance use disorder or a severe form of addiction? Do you have a friend or family member suffering from one or more of these debilitating illnesses? If you do, get in touch with Asana Recovery today. Our counselors and healthcare experts are ready to walk you through every step of the detox and withdrawal process and rehabilitation and guide you towards living a happier, healthier, and freer lifestyle. While the road to recovery might not be an easy road to travel, we promise to help you every step of the way. Take the first step to stay fit, healthy, and safe.

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