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Some Crazy Drugs You Can Only Find in Movies

Some Crazy Drugs You Can Only Find in Movies

Over the years, we moviegoers have been treated to films that showcase the horrors of addiction and have capitalized on comedic outcomes of drug use quite often, haven’t we? Remember the time that Cheech and Chong lit up a joint in Up in Smoke (1978)? Let’s also not forget the moment that Fenton traumatically withdrew from heroin in Trainspotting (1996). Still, some of the most interesting portrayals of drugs take place in the wild world of science fiction (or pure fiction) and include substances that don’t even exist in the real world. Let’s take a closer look at some crazy drugs that movies have produced.

Neuronin (Minority Report)

Overall, Minority Report (2002) is a perfect work of science fiction. Based on the story by Phillip K. Dick (whose 1968 book Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? inspired Blade Runner [1982]), this chilling story focuses on a group of precogs, whose visions of the future help authorities target crimes before each one takes place. People in this dark world use a drug called neuronin, specifically John Anderton and the parents of the precogs being held captive. Users will feel a rush of euphoria after inhaling this gaseous substance, something we could compare to vaping.

 Nuke (Robocop)

Upon its release, the cult classic Robocop (1987) broke a brick wall of expectations. Not only was it one of the most violent films ever produced, but it also launched a superhero that influenced science fiction storytelling to come. In the world of Robocop, people inject a red substance called nuke, a highly addictive drug that is similar to cocaine. Cyborg cops and 12-year-olds are among the victims in this world, showcasing just how gritty this movie can get.

Moloko Plus (A Clockwork Orange)

Although this film is regarded as “science fiction,” A Clockwork Orange (1971) is still considered a landmark of fictional storytelling. Stanley Kubrick’s panorama of madness, sadism, and violence is nothing short of disturbing. Once you see it, you will not forget it. Before protagonist Alex, easily one of the most unlikeable characters in movie history, and his droogs (friends) go out for lashings of ultraviolence, they drink a substance called Moloko Plus, a mixture of milk, vellocet, drencom, and other enhancing drugs.

Seeking Treatment for Drug Addiction or Alcoholism    

Alcoholism and drug addiction are dangerous sicknesses that should never be taken lightly. All it takes to fall off the wagon and become sick is to take that first sniff, snort, injection, or shot before you are rolling downhill into insanity. Still, you can always push the train back up, but it will be a difficult hike. However, with the right mixture of perseverance and determination, you can easily get back on track and be happy once more.  

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