At this time, the United States is facing a multitude of issues concerning the legalization of marijuana, but the country’s most dangerous problem, by far, is the burgeoning Opioid Crisis. Consider that approximately 100 million Americans suffer from some form of chronic pain, and a staggering 214 million opioids were prescribed to patients in 2016 (setting our issue apart from any other opioid epidemic in the world, presently). While heroin might be one of the most infamous culprits behind this national problem, researchers have also shed light on a similar drug that can also induce addiction or severe chemical dependency. Even more disturbing, this powerful painkiller is 100% legal. Let’s take a closer look at Endone and see why it is potentially dangerous to humans.

What Is Endone?

Endone is the brand name of a painkiller that contains the ingredient oxycodone hydrochloride (similar to other brand medications like OxyContin and OxyNorm). Overall, this drug is a powerful narcotic that is chemically similar to other opioids including morphine, codeine, and heroin. Doctors typically prescribe Endone to patients who are managing pain (mild to severe) resulting from an injury or a surgical procedure.

In short, Endone is a potent, powerful drug that is prescribed in moderation. People who consume the drug can feel drowsy or sleepy and should never operate machinery while using it. As a powerful painkiller, Endone can also impact the usefulness of other drugs, which could ultimately result in irritating or nasty side effects.

Developing Endone Addiction

Like its cousin heroin, Endone is a drug that can potentially induce addiction, particularly if this painkiller is used for a long period of time (for management of chronic pain). Likewise, individuals who take large quantities of the drug can develop a chemical dependency. As a result, once these people break away from the drug, they will begin to experience withdrawal symptoms.

Signs of endone addiction include:

  • A desire to consume larger quantities of the drug to achieve a high
  • Symptoms of withdrawal (if a person stops using)
  • Using excessive quantities of the drug when it is no longer needed
  • Inability to control the use of the drug
  • Lack of desire for social interactions

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